We are 

Awakaza is a digital transformation consultancy and software development company that provides cutting-edge engineering solutions, to help businesses solve complex problems that emerge during their digital transformation journey.

A humble Dream

Digitalizing Companies

Small businesses are driving innovation. And we aim to help grow these small and mid-size businesses to the enterprise level by digitalizing them.

Digitalizing a company can give a competitive advantage by doing business operations better, faster, and cheaper than the competition.

An amazing Team

Success is best when shared

Everything we do revolves around our talented team. We have a can-do attitude team backed up by years of experience delivering high-end, creative solutions on time and within budget.

Partners, not Clients

success is best when shared

At Awakaza, each company we work with is, referred to as a partner. And, just like they aren’t “clients,” we don’t want to be called “the contractor” or “the vendor.” To us, these words mean separation and detachment that don’t accurately reflect how we work with our partners.

Clients are always right. Partners work together to make it right.